Prof. Dr. med. Anita Riecher-Rössler

Full professor for psychiatry and psychotherapy

Chief physician at the University Psychiatric Clinics (UPK) Basel, Center for Gender Research and Early Detection

Specialist for psychiatry and psychotherapy, psychoanalysis DGPPT, consiliar and liaison psychiatry, geriatric psychiatry and psychotherapy



Prof. Dr. med. Stefan Borgwardt

Full professor for neuropsychiatry

Chief phycisian and vicarious head of the adult psychiatric clinic

Specialist for psychiatry and psychotherapy




PD Dr. med. Christina Andreou


Specialist for psychiatry and psychotherapy

Clinical director



Dr. phil. Erich Studerus


Scientific director



MSc Sarah Ittig







MSc Laura Egloff





MSc Katharina Beck




MSc Letizia Leanza





What is a Psychosis?


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